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A Music App Shouldn't Be a Podcast Appby Cassidy James

Many popular music apps handle not only music, but podcasts. The thinking goes that since both are comprised of MP3s (or other audio files), that they should be handled in the same app.

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“Get Involved” Q&A Hangoutby Cassidy James

We sat down for a couple hours to answer questions live and let people know how they can get involved with elementary. Check out the recorded Google+ Hangout on Air.

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5 Myths About elementaryby Cassidy James

Whether I'm browsing Google+, responding to tweets from @elementary, or telling friends about elementary in the flesh, I'm bound to hear some random myth about elementary that is just plain false. I've noticed a few (five, to be exact) that seem to keep cropping up. Rather than copy-pasta my response to each and every comment out there, I decided it'd be more worth my time to lay them out and tackle them one-by-one here.

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Fix Bugs, Get Paidby Daniel Foré

Since Luna’s release, appreciative users have thrown us some hard-earned cash. We’ve carefully considered the best ways to re-invest that money into elementary and to give people a direct path to fund development of what’s important to them. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of those solutions: bounties.

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Switchboard 2.0 Lands In Isisby Daniel Foré

As part of our ongoing work on Isis, Corentin Noël and a few others have given Switchboard a major overhaul of both its backend and frontend. The new Switchboard 2.0 is faster, more future proof, and even a bit sexier.

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