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The Importance of Our Brandby Cassidy James

We think it’s time to better communicate our branding expectations to our community. We feel it will help set up clearer expectations for new users, prevent negative impressions, and promote positive ones. We already use these guidelines internally, but they’ll soon appear publicly as an amendment to our community Code of Conduct.

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Super Shortcutsby Cassidy James

Learn what the super key is and what it can do in elementary OS.

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elementary OS Isis is now Freyaby Cassidy James

We've been hard at work on the next version of elementary OS, until now codenamed Isis. Today we're announcing the new codename: elementary OS Freya. Read on to find out why.

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Why we write elementary apps in Valaby David Gomes

If you follow elementary OS development, you may know that we do not write our applications on C or Python, but rather a language called Vala. While it is true that a more mainstream language would lower the barrier to entry for new first-party and third-party developers, Vala has proven to be a tremendously effective tool for our needs. Here's why:

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A Music App Shouldn't Be a Podcast Appby Cassidy James

Many popular music apps handle not only music, but podcasts. The thinking goes that since both are comprised of MP3s (or other audio files), that they should be handled in the same app.

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